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SDRA has partnered with Hahn Financial Group in Sioux Falls to offer our members an alternative to traditional group health coverage. If you are a business with 2 or more employees, you could be eligible to participate in a self-funded with stop loss Association Health Plan.

Self-funding, using a Third Party Administrator and Referenced-Based Pricing is one of the more effective ways employers can influence the rising costs of healthcare coverage.

Some of the benefits of this plan include:

  • Elimination of most premium tax
  • Lower cost of administration
  • Transparent fee and cost disclosure
  • Control of plan design
  • $0 copay for generic drugs
  • National provider network
  • Employer controlled risk

Logo Optilegra Vision Service


SDRA announced a new benefit in the fall of 2015. It is offered through Optilegra Vision Plans of Sioux Falls. 

Started in 1990, Optilegra is the only vision plan that gives your employees access to all of the highest-quality local doctors. Optilegra is based in Sioux Falls and offers members a user-friendly website and customer service based right here in South Dakota.

About this program:

  • A popular employee benefit
  • Accepted by 98% of the vision centers in South Dakota
  • Easy online management
  • Companies with as few as two full-time employees can participate
  • Group rates available for 1 to 50 employees; individual ratings for large groups with more than 50 primary enrollees
  • The only vision plan to offer LASIK discounts with Vance Thompson Vision (Sioux Falls), Black Hills Regional Eye Institute (Rapid City), and Wright Vision Center (Rapid City)
  • Voluntary and Madatory rates

Optilegra/SDRA Discounted Vision Rate Sheet
South Dakota Provider List
Frequently Asked Questions

“I recently added vision care as a benefit and after years of searching for a decent provider, I noticed this company in the SD Retailers Magazine.  Vision is a great benefit to add and it’s not all that expensive.  Optilegra has been great to work with and they offer a solid plan.” Lonnie Heier, Dairy Queen

If you are interested in information on this service, please Email Us.

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Happy Man in Dental Chair DENTAL BENEFITS

SDRA's dental program is popular with our members – more than 4,000 people now participate in our dental insurance program.

Offered through Delta Dental of South Dakota, this is a cost effective benefit to help to attract and retain quality employees. Dental benefits work because most dental disease is preventable. That’s why Delta Dental’s plans are focused on oral health and prevention. Check out the brochure link above for SDRA's two Delta Dental plans!

Attractive Features of the Program

  • These are the only Delta Dental plans available for employers with less than 10 employees that has orthodontic coverage.
  • There is 100% coverage on check-ups and cleanings.
  • You don’t have to wait for many of the benefits.  There are no waiting periods for check-ups, cleanings, filings, and extractions.
  • A 4-rate plan is available for employers that have a minimum of 10 employees enrolled.
  • With 98% of dentists in South Dakota, Delta Dental has the largest network of dentists in the state. That means more choice and less out of pocket costs for employees.

Additional Features of the Enhanced Plan

  • The Enhanced Plan has a higher annual maximum benefit of $1,500 and a $1,500 lifetime orthodontic benefit.
  • A Maximum Bonus Account, which allows a $250 roll over of unused, qualifying benefits from year to year is included with the Enhanced Plan.
  • Also, the Enhanced plan has no deductible!

For more information, call SDRA at 1-800-658-5545, or contact us by email, or call Delta Dental at 1-800-627-3961.