South Dakota Legislature

How a bill becomes a law 2019 versionSouth Dakota's Legislative Research Council (LRC) provides a convenient way to keep up with the South Dakota Legislature both during the State Legislative Session, and in the interim when legislative study committees take an in-depth look at issues, and draft legislation for consideration by the Legislature during the next Legislative Session. (Click on the Interim tab on the Legislative Research Council website).

To help our members follow the process, SDRA has put together an explanation of how a bill becomes a law.

We have also compiled information outlining how to track the progress of a bill using the internet, how to listen to committee testimony and debate and floor debate, and how to find Track a bill  online 2019 versionout how your legislator voted on a bill.

To contact South Dakota legislators, use one of the following methods:

  • Write: Senator or Representative - 500 E. Capitol Ave. - Pierre, SD 57501  
  • Email: You can through the LRC website. Under the Legislators tab, click on Legislator Contacts, select a legislator's name, then click on their email address. 
  • Call: Messages may be left for Senators at the Senate Lobby at (605) 773-3821. Messages may be left for Representatives at the House Lobby at (605) 773-3851. Note: These phones are only staffed on days when South Dakota's Legislature is in Session.  
  • Fax: You may fax a message to a specific state legislator (Senator or Representative) in care of the Legislative Research Council at (605) 773-6806. This fax number is only activated during the weeks that the Legislature is in session.