Ballot Issues

2018 Ballot Initiatives

The following issues will be on the ballot in South Dakota in 2018.

General Election 2018 Ballot Measures

SDRA's Board of Directors has taken a position on four of the five measures that will appear on the November, 2018 general election ballot.


  • Vote No on W logoConstitutional Amendment W: An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution that declares itself superior to other parts of the Constitution, creates a 7-member government tribunal ("accountability board") with unchecked powers to oversee things such as ethics and government contracts, changes campaign finance and lobbying laws, and changes certain initiative and referendum provisions. SDRA's Board of Directors has voted to oppose W, and urges you to VOTE NO ON W.

  • Vote No on 25 logoInitiated Measure 25: An initiated measure increasing the State tobacco tax and creating a postsecondary technical institute fund for the purposes of lowering student tuition and providing financial support to the State postsecondary technical institutes. This measure increases a tax with no accountability on how the money is spent. SDRA's Board of Directors has voted to oppose IM 25, and urges you to VOTE NO ON 25.
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No on 24 logo

  • Initiated Measure 24: An initiated measure prohibiting contributions to ballot question committees by non-residents, out-of-state political committees, and entities that are not filed with the Secretary of State for the four years prior to making a contribution. The Attorney General's explanation of this proposal notes that this measure is likely to be challenged on constitutional grounds. SDRA's Board of Directors has voted to oppose IM 24, and urges you to VOTE NO ON 24.

  • Vote Yes on XConstitutional Amendment X (SJR 1): An amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota requiring 55% voter approval to adopt an amendment to the Constitution. This proposal was developed by a bipartisan task force. SDRA's Board of Directors has voted to support X, and urges you to VOTE YES ON X.

  • Constitutional Amendment Z (HJR 1006): An amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, requiring proposed amendments to the Constitution to pertain to one subject.

Initiated Measure 26 - An initiated measure establishing a cap on the price a State Agency may pay for a prescription drug: On July 16, Hughes County Circuit Court Judge Patricia DeVaney issued an order to permanently remove Initiated Measure (IM) 26, the deceptive prescription drug ballot issue, from South Dakota’s November 2018 ballot. Judge DeVaney’s ruling found that proponents of the ballot issue had improperly circulated IM26 petitions under South Dakota law which led to signatures being disqualified. The number of remaining valid signatures was far below the threshold required to qualify for the ballot.SDRA's Board of Directors had voted to oppose IM 26, and applauded the ruling.

Primary Election 2018

  • Constitutional Amendment Y: An amendment to the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, to revise certain provisions relating to the rights of crime victims. This measure was on the primary ballot on June 5, 2018, and was approved by voters with 80% voting in favor and 20% against.

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