Ballot Issues

2016 Ballot Initiatives

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Defeat Initiated Measure 22

We were unsuccessful in defeating this measure.

SDRA has joined other business groups to defeat Initiated Measure 22. The measure establishes a system to publicly fund participating candidates with so-called “democracy credits,” which would consist of two $50 dollar vouchers mailed each election year to each of the state’s registered voters. Voters could assign their democracy credits to candidates who agree to participate in the program. 

In an article from the Argus Leader, SDRA Executive Director Shawn Lyons said, “When you’re running for public office you should be able to go out and raise funds on your own accord and not on the backs of taxpayers.” To read the full article, click here.

To learn more about IM 22, visit:

Vote No on 23: Right to Work

We were successful in defeating this measure.

IM 23 is a ballot measure brought by organized labor to force South Dakotans to pay labor union fees even if those workers do not want to be union members. Having a job in South Dakota has never been dependent on belonging to a labor organization or having to pay money to a union. That should not be changed.

SDRA has hosted meetings at our office over the last few months with other business organizations regarding IM 23 and is a part of the opposition campaign. Here is a link to the Attorney General’s explanation.

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