When pro-business candidates are elected to the State Legislature, you can be assured that retail issues are receiving a fair hearing, and that your interests are being protected at the State Capitol.

The South Dakota Retailers Association established the South Dakota Retailers Association Political Action Committee (SDRA PAC) in 1990 to encourage qualified pro-business candidates to seek public office. Through this fund, our Association is able to provide direct financial contributions to those candidates for the State Legislature who we feel will fight to protect the interests of the retail industry.

SDRA PAC now ranks in the top tier of political action funds in South Dakota.

What are the goals of this political action fund?

Through this fund, our Association: 

  • Promotes and strives for the improvement of government
  • Protects, preserves, and encourages the private enterprise system
  • Encourages qualified candidates to seek public office
  • Receives contributions, and expends the monies by providing direct financial contributions to candidates for public office who are in general agreement with the objectives and purposes of the South Dakota Retailers Association

Why does SDRA get involved with legislative elections? 

All 105 seats in the South Dakota Legislature are up for election every two years.

It is vital – for business owners and consumers alike - to elect people to the Legislature who understand the importance of making decisions which will help to stimulate a more positive environment for small businesses to grow and prosper in South Dakota. Allowing businesses to operate in an efficient and cost effective manner – without undue and burdensome laws and regulations – ultimately benefits consumers.

How is the money used, and who decides which candidates to support?

The fund is used to help support stronger legislative advocacy efforts on behalf of retailers, through contributions to the campaigns of pro-retail candidates for the State Legislature and other public offices. Contributions are made on a nonpartisan basis. Our Legislative Committee decides which candidates to support based on a number of criteria, including voting records and input from members, among other factors.

How is the money raised?

Funds for SDRA PAC are raised through our annual golf tournament, an annual pheasant hunt, and through contributions from members and other supporters. For more information on participating in or sponsoring our golf tournament or our pheasant hunt, call SDRA at 1-800-658-5545.

Can’t you just set aside money from membership dues?

By state law, we cannot use membership dues for the PAC, so we must rely on contributions and fundraisers.

How can I contribute?


SDRA welcomes contributions to our political action fund. Our PAC can accept personal or business checks or cash. (Effective July 1, 2011, South Dakota state law allows corporations to contribute up to $10,000 to South Dakota PACs). To participate in our political efforts, simply fill out this form and mail with your contribution to SDRA PAC. Please note that state law requires our records to show the home address for individual contributors.