Government Affairs

Legislative and regulatory issues are the primary focus of the South Dakota Retailers Association, and we have built a solid reputation in our work on behalf of the retail community.

We serve as a legislative watchdog on retail issues at the South Dakota Capitol during the Legislative Session, and during interim legislative and regulatory hearings throughout the year. Our legislative team has an outstanding track record of enacting legislation that is beneficial to the retail community, and defeating laws and regulations that would be over-restrictive and burdensome. 

Through our political action committee, we have played a role in helping to elect lawmakers who are supportive of the free enterprise system.

Through our affiliation with many influential national organizations, we also maintain a strong presence in Congress.

We keep our members informed about these activities through our monthly newsletter, the Retail Prophet, and through weekly Legislative Bulletins during the Legislative Session.

Since we know that retailers are busy operating their businesses and don't have time for a barrage of special mailings, faxes and emails, we limit those types of communications to the rare occasions when an issue arises which requires immediate action by our members.

We also work hand in hand with other organizations who have similar interests. SDRA is a founding member of the South Dakota Coalition for Responsible Taxation, a grassroots group composed of business and agricultural organizations who share a common interest in making sure that South Dakota's tax structure remains stable, fair, and affordable. The Coalition has been very successful in the South Dakota Legislature, and has won several major statewide ballot issues.