Free Webinar: Phishing for Trouble

Free Webinar: Phishing for Trouble

South Dakota Retailers Association  

Phishing: Today's #1 organizational threat. "Phishers" are trying to lure you and your employees with phony emails and popups that appear to be legitimate. Clicking on links in phishing emails may install a virus or spyware on the computer, putting your records and your business at risk.

On January 24 starting at 10:00 a.m. Central Time, SDRA will host a free, 30-minute webinar presented by Infotech Solutions LLC. They'll provide tips on how to spot and train your staff to identify a phishing email, you'll learn how to reduce the cyber security threats to your business, and get your questions answered.

SDRA advises signing up for the webinar even if you're not able to watch it live; we'll record the program and send a link to the recording to everyone who has signed up.


Infotech Solutions, LLC is SDRA's endorsed provider of cybersecurity services.

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