What South Dakota Grocers and C-Stores Need to Know About Tax and Alcohol Laws

What South Dakota Grocers and C-Stores Need to Know About Tax and Alcohol Laws

South Dakota Retailers Association

Many tax issues are unique to South Dakota's grocery store businesses. We've lined up a free webinar on October 2 that will provide helpful information those businesses need to know. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3092492293932040449

During the one hour webinar, the South Dakota Department of Revenue's Business Tax and Special Taxes Divisions will answer questions you have about issues such as:

  • How is prepared deli food taxed?
  • How are bakery goods taxed?
  • Should tax be applied to SNAP and WIC purchases?
  • Do you owe use tax on packaging materials used in the meat, produce and deli departments?
  • What you need to know about use tax on napkins, straws, disposable utensils and other items used in the bakery or deli department
  • How tax applies to coupon purchases
  • Dealing with tax exempt entities
  • Whether you should add tax if you make deliveries and charge a fee
  • How to calculate tax if your store offers catering services
  • How tax applies if you provide free sample items to customers
  • Do you owe use tax when you donated goods to fund-raisers or other events?
  • What is municipal gross receipts
  • What does the law say about who can stock alcohol
  • What does the revised state law say about hours of selling alcohol, and the legal age a clerk must be to ring up an alcohol sale
  • Can an underage bagger bag up an alcohol purchases for a customer
  • And more

This webinar will be recorded. Anyone who signs up - even if they're not able to participate in the live program - will receive a link to the recording and a copy of the slides used in the presentation.

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