Facts About SNAP After the Shutdown

Facts About SNAP After the Shutdown

South Dakota Retailers Association  

The Food and Nutrition Service office of the United States Department of Agriculture has issued the following notice regarding issuance, use and acceptance of SNAP benefits after the federal government shutdown.

For Clients:  

  1. Most of you have your monthly February benefit available on your card now.  If you are a current SNAP client who did not receive your February benefit yet, you will receive it soon.  
  2. There is no deadline to spend your February benefits.
  3. You will not receive another benefit for February, even though the government has reopened. The February benefit was issued early to make sure you would receive your February benefits, even if the federal government was still shutdown in February. Issuing benefits early was the only way to make sure everyone received benefits for February.
  4. Carefully budget your SNAP benefits to extend through February.
  5. If you are scheduled for renewal in February, submit your recertification paperwork as required.  If eligible, you will receive February benefits.
  6. If you apply for SNAP, states will process your application.  If eligible, you will receive February benefits.

If you have any questions about your SNAP benefits, please contact your state or local office.

For Retailers: 

  1. February benefits are fully funded.
  2. If the SNAP purchase is approved, your business will be paid as usual.
  3. There is no deadline by which February benefits must be spent.
  4. Do not set a dollar value limit on SNAP purchases.
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