Get the Latest Legislative News

Get the Latest Legislative News

South Dakota Retailers Association

Get info on significant retail issues being debated at the State Capitol in today's issue of the Legislative Bulletin. It's available in the members-only area of our website: Need help with your username and password? Email us at

A hard copy of the Bulletin will be mailed to members who prefer that format.

Among the issues discussed in this week's SDRA Legislative Bulletin:

  • Repealing parts of the legislative process
  • Requiring lodging establishments to provide employee training on human trafficking
  • Guns in the workplace
  • Record keeping for businesses that use computers when working on government contracts
  • County sales tax proposal
  • Increasing the state's share of video lottery revenue
  • Requiring businesses to place digital filters on products with internet access
  • Farm machinery lemon law
  • Transporting alcohol 
  • Non-compete agreements

PLUS: the latest municipal sales tax report and details on our upcoming seminars in Hill City and Madison.

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