Order Your 2019 Legislative Lineups

Order Your 2019 Legislative Lineups

South Dakota Retailers Association

Get your order in now for the 2019 edition of the Legislative Lineup.

Whether you're part of the crowd watching the session firsthand in Pierre, or if you're tracking issues from work or home, the Legislative Lineup is a handy way to know what happens when, and who the key players are. It also provides information on how to contact those individuals.

The Lineup features:

  • photos, contact information and committee assignments for each state legislator

  • committee schedules

  • lists of which legislators serve on all standing committees

  • maps of the Capitol committee rooms

  • photos and contact information for constitutional officers, the Supreme Court and South Dakota's Congressional Delegation

  • other important facts about the legislative process

Nearly 6,000 copies of the popular booklet are printed and distributed each year. It's used by legislators, state officials, lobbyists and visitors who come to the State Capitol to watch the legislative process. We've been publishing the Lineup every year since 1983. 

Interested in ordering one or more copies of the 2019 Legislative Lineup? Order onlineor call SDRA at 800-658-5545. Tell us how many copies you want and where you want them shipped, or if you plan to pick them up. Be sure to have your credit card number handy.


  • 1-9 copies: $4.25 each
  • 10-49 copies: $3.75 each
  • 50+ copies: $3.25 each

Note - price shown includes sales tax

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