Miss the Alcohol Law Update Webinar? Watch it Here.

Miss the Alcohol Law Update Webinar? Watch it Here.

South Dakota Retailers Association

Many South Dakota alcohol laws will change effective July 1, 2018. This free webinar explains what's new and what's changing. You can watch it here.

South Dakota Alcohol Law Update: New Laws Effective July 1st

May 16, 2018
Presenter: Jason Evans, South Dakota Department of Revenue

Department of Revenue Fact Sheets referenced in the webinar:

Most laws signed by the Governor go into effect July 1st unless they contain an emergency clause or if they have a delayed implementation date. If a bill has an emergency clause, it goes into effect when it’s signed by the Governor, or on a date specified in the bill.

New laws referenced in the webinar:

  • HB 1067: revise certain provisions regarding the licensing of wineries. 

  • HB 1070: revise and repeal certain provisions regarding alcoholic beverages. 

  • HB 1121: revise the fees for certain on-sale and off-sale retail liquor licenses. 

  • HB 1146: revise certain provisions regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages by passengers aboard vehicles operated by licensed carriers. 

  • HB 1157: authorize certain alcohol manufacturers and wholesalers to enter into sponsorship agreements with certain alcohol retail licensees. 

  • HB 1173: provide for inactive status of airport liquor licenses. 

  • HB 1185: establish provisions regarding the storage of wine at certain licensed premises. 

  • HB 1273: revise certain provisions regarding convention facility on-sale licenses to sell alcoholic beverages. 

  • HB 1313: revise certain provisions regarding the licensing of certain alcoholic beverage manufacturers. 

  • SB 70: define the term, serve, for the purposes of regulating the sale and use of alcoholic beverages. 

  • SB 169: revise certain provisions regarding confections that contain alcohol and to declare an emergency

  • SB 173: establish certain provisions regarding microbreweries and malt beverage manufacturers.

  • SB 178: provide certain exceptions from alcoholic beverage provisions regarding events conducted by certain civic, charitable, educational, fraternal, or veterans organizations. 

  • SB 187: establish certain provisions regarding the licensing of wine manufacturers.

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