2018 Legislative Bulletin #3 Now Available Online

2018 Legislative Bulletin #3 Now Available Online

South Dakota Retailers Association  

The third Legislative Bulletin of the 2018 Legislative Session is on it way to members and will be in your mailbox soon.

Members don't need to wait: read it online now in the members-only area of our website at https://www.sdra.org/members/legislative_bulletins.asp. Need help with your username and password? Email us at services@sdra.org.

Included in this issue, information on legislation pertaining to:

  • Tourism tax: a proposal to cut the tax OR to raise the tax and apply it only to visitors from out-of-state
  • A plan to raise the state's share of video lottery income, followed by a repeal
  • Pharmacy pricing information legislation
  • Lodging fee disclosure
  • Proposed alcohol and tobacco tax hikes
  • Sales tax on food proposal
  • Public records
  • Firearms in public places
  • Asking job applicants about their current salaries
  • Required signage on unisex bathrooms
  • And more

The Legislative Bulletins are just one way we keep our members up-to-date on legislative action. Watch for e-lerts on key issues. If a proposal impacts just one segment of our members, we'll send an e-lert to those businesses.

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