Executive Director
Nathan Sanderson (effective October 1, 2018)

  • Directs the operations and activities of the Association as a whole
  • Advises and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding budgeting, basic policies, programs and services, and all other aspects of the operation of the Association
  • Responsible for hiring and overseeing all members of the staff
  • Legislative Team member: Heads the Legislative Team and serves as the Association's chief lobbyist
  • Responsible for handling SDRA's involvement with state and federal agencies and Congress

Finance Officer/Human Resources
Brenda Paul

  • Handles all billing and accounts receivables
  • Oversees all purchases
  • Prepares invoices and membership renewal statements
  • Handles payroll and accounts payable
  • Prepares the annual budget
  • Oversees computers and technology
  • Committees: Works with the Investment Committee and Philanthropy Committee

Membership & Services Director/ProStart Coordinator
Seanna Regynski

  • Administers membership services
  • Oversees efforts to improve existing membership services
  • Researches potential new membership services
  • Maintains membership records
  • Handles communications with members on all member services
  • Works directly with service providers
  • Coordinates South Dakota's ProStart program
  • Helps coordinate the annual golf tournament
  • Committees: Works with the Member Services, ProStart, and Golf Tournament Committees

Communications Director
Donna Leslie

  • Produces Association publications, including the Retail Prophet, Legislative Bulletins, Legislative Lineup and Annual Report
  • Researches answers to member questions on laws and regulations
  • Legislative Team member: tracks and maintains records on legislative and election activities  
  • Coordinates SDRA's annual scholarship application and selection process
  • Coordinates the Retailer of the Year program
  • Maintains the Association's website and Facebook page
  • Works on the This is Retail campaign
  • Coordinates member visit sheet questionnaires
  • Committees: Works with the Legislative, Scholarship, Awards, and Golf Tournament Committees

Member Services Assistant
Carrie Wheelhouse

  • Handles day-to-day operation of the Association's credit card processing program
  • Assists the Member Services Director in administering and promoting services
  • Works with the web-based data system
  • Coordinates the Association's annual PAC golf tournament
  • Coordinates the annual pheasant hunt
  • Plans and coordinates the Association's Annual Meeting
  • Plans and coordinates board meetings
  • Committees: Works with the Member Services and Golf Tournament Committees

Administrative Assistant/Training
Stacy Martinmaas

  • Administers the ServSafe (food service training) program, including scheduling classes, class registration, certification paperwork, and maintenance of the database for the program
  • Coordinates mailings
  • Adminsters the ServSafe Alcohol training program
  • Handles receptionist duties
  • Committees: Works with the ProStart, Scholarship and Awards Committees

Regional Representatives

The Regional Reps are the people with whom our members are probably most familiar.

  • Call on prospective members
  • Make annual calls on current members
  • Handle applications for SDRA member services

Who is your Regional Representative? It depends on where your business is located:

  • Karin Hansen - West River
  • Lincoln, Minnehaha, Lake and Moody Counties: to be announced soon!
  • Tiffany Langer - Northeast and Corson County
  • Kelley VanLith - Southeast and South Central