The South Dakota Retailers Association is an active, energetic, highly-respected statewide business organization based in Pierre, South Dakota. SDRA represents the interests of retail businesses who sell retail products and services throughout the State of South Dakota.

We represent a diverse group of members, both small and large: everything from mom and pop businesses to multi-unit franchises.  We have over 160 categories of businesses as members, including grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, lodging establishments, furniture stores, jewelry stores, gift shops, lumberyards, auto dealerships and repair shops, flower shops, computer sales and service, pharmacies, discount stores, and more.  We also have associate members who are in businesses affiliated with retailing, including banks, Realtors, and insurance agencies.

SDRA was founded in 1897, and we have a long track record of success. With over 3,900 members, we also rank as one of the largest state retail association nationwide.

For over a century, our Association has played an important role in retailing, by:

  • Representing retail interests in the legislative and regulatory process
  • Keeping our members informed about laws, regulations, and retail trends
  • Providing members with money-saving services
  • Maintaining a close affiliation with national retail organizations to favorably influence federal issues

The South Dakota Retailers Association is composed of businesses who recognize the importance of belonging to a strong trade association: the more you pull together, the more pull you have.