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In 2014, SDRA launched an exciting campaign called "This is Retail."

We have partnered with the National Retail Federation on this initiative, aimed at driving public awareness of the positive impact retailers have on the communities they serve. This effort will be highlighting the retail industry's strong support for careers, communities and innovation. Click the "Careers", "Community" and "Innovation" links at the left to find out more about how South Dakota retailers are champions in those three vital areas.


Here are some impressive nationwide statistics from the National Retail Federation:

  • Retail impacts $2.6 trillion of the U.S. GDP and supports $1.58 trillion in wages and benefits, 16% of the national's total in 2012.
  • That translates to 1 in 4 U.S. jobs, including more than 4 million positions in management and nearly 2 million in insurance and real estate.

What is the impact of retailing in South Dakota? To find out, click the graphic at right.



Shawn Lyons This Is Retail Retail's impact on careers, community and innovation in South Dakota 

by SDRA Executive Director Shawn Lyons

South Dakotans take great pride in their small town communities. The abundance of small retailers and family-owned businesses are a critical component of the South Dakota economy, and act as a backbone for communal relationships. Paired with national retail companies in the area, these small businesses support more than 130,000 jobs in South Dakota. Contributing to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community, small retail businesses provide a variety of employment opportunities with jobs being created right in the neighborhood. Additionally, they offer products and services from local craftsmen and artisans, offering unique options that you won't find in national stores.

As hosts for the National Retail Federation's Retail Across America team, we're proud to launch this video series featuring some of the most unique and community-minded retailers in South Dakota. Here you'll see the impact a close-knit community and local retailer has on fundraising for a national cause with Miracle Treat Day, how a rural retailer like Cammack Ranch Supply is serving consumers throughout the nation, as well as the innovative ideas that came through tough times out of family-run retailers like fourth-generation business Wall Drug Store.


Rick Hustead, Wall Drug Store, Wall


View more videos on the "Careers", "Community" and "Innovation" sections (at left, above), or read a recap of NRF's road trip to South Dakota by student correspondent Elizabeth Heibertshausen.


"What have you learned from working in retail?"

Working in the retail industry offers opportunities to learn more about your community and yourself. The National Retail Federation asked retail executives, entrepreneurs and employees what they've gleaned from their careers in retail. See what leaders from several business leaders - including two from South Dakota - have to say about what retail has taught them.

The South Dakota Retailers Association represents over 3,700 businesses across the state. Meet some of them at this link: Proud SDRA Members. You'll see that retail encompasses all kinds of businesses in every size of community.