Sarah And Rick Hustead Photo Retail means innovation. 

Rick Hustead and Sarah Hustead are the third and fourth generations of the Hustead family to operate Wall Drug: the #1 Roadside Attraction in America.

Their success isn't an accident. During the Great Depression, Rick's grandmother (Dorothy Hustead) came up with the innovative idea of offering free ice water to thirsty travelers. That single marketing idea proved enormously successful, but it was only the beginning. More than eight decades later, the Hustead family continually looks for new and better ways to serve their customers. That commitment to excellence has put them on the "must-see" list for travelers from all over the world.

Rick and Sarah Hustead - In Their Own Words: Watch a short video about Rick and Sarah Hustead at this link. You'll see they are dedicated both to old-fashioned customer service and innovation. (Password: sdra)

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"I want to strive to run this business in an excellent fashion. I also want to provide outstanding customer service. When those two things happen together, I'm having a great day!"

Rick Hustead, Wall Drug, Wall, SD