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The South Dakota Retailers Association has over 3,700 members.  Each month we publish a "Proud to be an SDRA Member" page in our newsletter. We feature one of our members, with information about their business, and what they most value about their SDRA membership. They're proud to be SDRA members - and we're proud to claim them as members.

On this page, we're sharing what they had to say about their membership. We hope you'll check out our newsletter to find out more about these great businesses. And.... be sure to stop in to see them when you're in their communities.

(Keep checking back - we'll be adding more proud members).


RandyKarenMichelleGruenwaldJohnHartmanDakotaButcherRandy, Karen & Michelle Gruenwald, & John Hartman

Dakota Butcher

99 S. Commercial St. - Clark

Dakota Butcher is an interesting mix of businesses: a slaughter house, retail sales of sausage, cheese and other products, catering service, and liquor store. They constantly experiment with new recipes and new concepts, and strive to offer top quality specialty products that can't be found anywhere else. Says Randy, "If you're ever satisfied with where you're at, you're going to start going backwards." Karen tells us there are good benefits that come with membership in the South Dakota Retailers Assocation. In addition to the ServSafe program and other services, she noted that when SDRA put Dakota Butcher's picture on our Facebook page and linked it to their page, they received thousands of views. "I think just every little bit that you can get your word out there helps." Read more:  June-July 2015 Retail Prophet


JohnLangerGettysburgJohn Langer

Langer's Family Foods

111 E. Blaine St. - Gettysburg

John is the fourth generation of grocers in his family; his son James (an SDRA scholarship recipient) is the fifth generation. Langer's is a fixture in Gettysburg, and is a generous supporter of local events and projects. Says John, "We donate a lot of our revenue; a lot of our gross goes to the community and building it up. I've invested a lot to try to make this town not survive but prosper." John is a solid supporter of SDRA and says, "I think every business should belong to the South Dakota Retailers Association because they represent well your best interests." Read more: May 2015 Retail Prophet


BrettHansonTriStateBldgCtrBrett Hanson

Tri State Building Center

1520 SD Highway 10 - Sisseton

Brett is committed to making sure his business offers what customers need  and he continually looks for ways to improve the business. His advice to anyone thinking of starting a retail business: "Anything can be successful if you put your heart and soul into it. You have to not be in it for the money. You have to be in to make it work, and be willing to give to it. It will give back to you, but you have to be willing to give first." Brett tells us he loves going to SDRA meetings, and says the information the Association provides is a real help. Read more:  December 2014 Retail Prophet


JennysFloralCusterJenny Behlings

Jenny's Floral

528 Mt Rushmore Rd in Custer | 243 Elm St in Hill City

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From the time she watched her grandmother working with African violets, Jenny knew she wanted to work with flowers. Now, she says, the best part of owning a store is getting to play with flowers every day. They're not a necessity, she says, but they sure are a nice perk to life. Customer service is very important to her, and her goal is to make customers smile when they come in and have them smiling when they leave. Jenny is an SDRA member in part because she feels a community spirit among members across the state.  Read more:  October 2014 Retail Prophet


RanchHouseCafeDupreeLeo Bakeberg

Ranch House Cafe

Main Street - Dupree

Leo followed in the footsteps of his great grandfather and his grandparents in the restaurant business when he took over the Ranch House Cafe in Dupree. Leo says the Ranch House is an important part of the community, giving local people a place to gather to chat, as well as attracting visitors who are traveling through the area. Leo said he joined the Retailers Association because of the credit card processing. "To me, it was money in the bank. There's a small fee involved, but to me, it's worth every penny." Read more:  September 2014 Retail Prophet


RettedalsDeptStoreDean & Karen Rettedal

Rettedal's Department Store

551 Main Street - Scotland

Karen and Dean Rettedal started out as music teachers, then followed in Dean's father's footsteps by becoming retailers in Scotland. They typify your hard working, friendly hometown retailer who is involved in every aspect of the community. Their store is popular with people from wide distances, and is one of the first stops for former Scotland residents when they are in town. They're SDRA members because, Dean says, "Belonging to an organization in your field that keeps up especially on legislative things that are happening is outstanding." As Karen says, "It's a voice for us."  Read more:  August 2014 Retail Prophet



Darla Cook

Cedar Pass Lodge

20681 South Dakota Highway 240 - Interior

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Cedar Pass Lodge has made some big changes with their cabins in Badlands National Park. The old ones were repurposed outside of the Park and are now being used for some of their 90 employees. The new cabins use repurposed "bug wood" - beetle kill pine from the Black Hills. They also feature towels made of bamboo and other green features. Darla looks for American made and especially South Dakota made products for the gift shop. She tells us the ServSafe training offered by SDRA is a huge benefit to her business, her employees, and their guests. Read more: July 2014 Retail Prophet.


AssmanImplementMissionDave, Chris and Greg Assman

Assman Implement

7 Miles East of Mission on Highway 18 - Mission

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Assman Implement got its start when Joe Assman figured his ranching operation wasn't enough for his large family. He started out selling parts out of his basement, but now the family dealership - including Joe's sons Dave, Chris and Greg (pictured) - works with customers from many states. They are loyal SDRA members because, Chris says, "I think you need somebody with a voice in the Legislature." Read more:  May 2014 Retail Prophet



Lori & John Unterseher

Central Diesel Sales

28738 US Hwy 12 East - Mobridge

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John worked for other people for many years before coming home to Mobridge to buy his father's business, Central Diesel Sales. The best part of being in business, he says, is the satisfaction of being a good owner, being a good boss, and being a good steward in the community. Lori says one of the things she values most about their SDRA membership is the access to the Jackson Lewis labor law firm. She also points to the legislative representation. "It's easier to fight as a group than one," she told us. "One business isn't going to do anything, but if we can band together and send someone to Pierre we have a fighting shot." Read more: June 2014 Retail Prophet



Faye Kraft

Timber Lake Service

824 Main St. - Timber Lake

Faye and her late husband Monte purchased Timber Lake Service when they were in their early twenties. The convenience store, bulk fuel and bar is a family business operated by Faye and her sons. Faye says the most important thing to keep in mind is that, "The customer is number one. If you don't have that customer you don't have anything." Faye tells us she likes being an SDRA member because if she has questions, she feels comfortable knowing the Association is there, and if she's in need of something, she can call. Read more: January 2014 Retail Prophet.



Lance Burns

Lone Wolf Tannery -and- Burns Taxidermy

308 Main Street - Frederick

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Taxidermy is an artform that combines research and recreating things found in nature. Lance Burns finds he's so busy with his work that he rarely has time to go out and do any hunting or fishing for himself. But seeing a customer's face when they come for the finished product makes it worthwhile. Lance joined SDRA originally because he says, our workers' comp insurance rates were about half what he was paying elsewhere. And, he says, every penny counts when you're in business. Read more:  April 2014 Retail Prophet


RyanMaherRyan Maher

Sparky's Bar & Grill

126 Main St.  - Isabel

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Isabel has a population of just 150, but Ryan Maher sees customers from all over the country, as his restaurant and bar are a drawing card for hunters who return year after year. In addition to running the restaurant, Ryan also operates an insurance business, and is a state senator. He originally joined the Association because he liked the newsletter. As time went on, he says, he found it to be valuable "Knowing that we've got a good crew in Pierre to help during the Legislative Session." Read more:  December 2013 Retail Prophet.



Craig & Tara Knapp

Dairy Queen

208 Pine Street - Belle Fourche

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Craig Knapp has a drafting degree; Tara Knapp has a teaching degree. But after working in their respective careers and working part-time at a restaurant, they decided to buy the Dairy Queen in Belle Fourche. During the first 18 months, they did a full remodel. They are both very active in their community, and say that playing an active role in the community is the best part of being in the business. They joined SDRA, says Tara, "To stay in the loop of information.....we read the newsletters to try to keep track of what's going on." In addition, she says, they save money with SDRA's workers comp insurance. Read more:  November 2013 Retail Prophet


JasonCaroleVernBryanWittWitt Family

Burke Building Center -and- Gregory Building Center

125 East 8th St. - Burke

122 S. Main St.  - Gregory

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In addition to retail hardware, lumber and fencing, the Witt family offers light commercial general contracting, equipment rental, and they have a computer-aided-design (CAD) system. They are committed to providing good service to their customers. When they first joined the South Dakota Retailers Association, it was for the credit card processing program, which they still use. But now, Vern says, "We appreciate the work that the Retailers does to protect us. That's your job, and you're doing it. We don't have the time to follow those things. It's good that there's someone there that does that, and has the power that Retailers has to get the legislation and be the watchdogs over those kinds of things." Adds Carole, "And I like the Retail Prophet. I do enjoy that magazine. It's very informative. When it comes, I look at it before I pass it on. There's always some little hints in there." [Pictured from left: Jason, Carole, Vern and Bryan Witt].   October 2013 Retail Prophet.


LynnWattsLynn Watts

Heartstrings, Ltd

218 N. Broadway - Miller

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Heartstrings is a fun surprise when you walk through the door. Lynn Watts has managed to create a store that makes people feel at home from the moment they walk in and see the cozy living room area - complete with fireplace - just inside the door. She offers a large variety of home decor, kitchen supplies, jewelry and accessories, a baby area, teen-tween items, and learning activities for kids. Near her coffee bar, you can also find coffee by the bag, and a gourmet area with ready made dips. Lynn became an SDRA member for our credit card processing program.  Now, she says, "I think it's a great organization."  August 2013 Retail Prophet


DennisErnestKariBisonSDDennis & Ernest Kari

Kari's Jack & Jill

112 W. Main Street - Bison

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When we went to visit Kari's Jack & Jill, we found 93-year old Ernest hard at work cutting meat - something he was still doing nearly every day. Ernest (seated) his son Dennis (standing) and sons Kevin, Rene and Blane all work in the store, which Ernest purchased with the help of mustering-out pay when he returned home after serving in World War II. The Kari family is an SDRA member because, as Dennis says, "They look after our best interests." Read more. :  July 2013 Retail Prophet


NickMageraChadPearsonCulversNick Magera (owner) & Chad Pearson (operations mgr)

Culver's / CR Management, Inc.

Minnesota Ave. - Sioux Falls

The primary goal at Culver's is to satisfy each and every guest beyond their expectations, says owner Nick Magera. And that includes internal guests - their employees. Chad noted that they are always trying to find great leaders to run the operations as well as to be mentors for the team under them. They hope that the things they learn on the job with Culver's will help them wherever they go in their career. They are an SDRA member, Nick says, because "the Retailers Association helps is understand business that is outside of our four walls, and how it affects what happens inside our four walls. I think a business that isn't involved in the South Dakota Retailers Association is missing out."   June 2013 Retail Prophet


CharlieHamandCharlie Hamand

Hamand Tire

1006 Main St.  - Lemmon

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You won't get grease or oil on your clothes when you walk into this tire shop - it's spotless! They scrub the place every afternoon, and it shows.  Hamand Tire has a large inventory of all sizes of tires to accommodate all types of customers - farmers, ranchers, businesses, and the general public. But Charlie says his greatest satisfaction comes when a traveler needs emergency help with a tire, and he's able to get them fixed up and on the road again. Charlie became a member of SDRA because of our credit card processing program. He says, "My wife Linda does all the bookwork, and she's adamant about staying with the Retailers. She says it's our best bet."  September 2013 Retail Prophet.


JeffAnnetteGamberJeff and Annette Gamber

County Fair Foods

14 2nd St NE - Watertown

"I think the member services are very valuable to your business, especially in this day and age with health care costs increasing, and credit card fees, and all those types of issues. Being able to save on those services through SDRA is very important to your business."                                                                       

Jeff Gamber

"You are busy running your business, and you don't always have time to say, 'Okay, are we up to standards on everything?' SDRA keeps you up on all the laws and regulations, all the things that you just don't always think about on a day to day basis. It's a good resource."                                              

Annette Gamber

June, 2012 Retail Prophet


WallyThomsenWally Thomsen

Pierre Flower Shop & Greenhouse

119 E. Missouri - Pierre

It's a flower shop, greenhouse, gift shop, and landscape garden center, and it keeps the Thomsen family busy. Pierre Flower Shop and Greenhouse is a second-generation business, and they're second-generation SDRA members."South Dakota Retailers is the place we turn to for answers related to tax and labor questions. It's kind of a one-stop center for business-related questions. It's also our voice in the state." August 2012 Retail Prophet



MignonneSchwebachMignonne Schwebach

Volin's Racquet & Soccer

1704 S. Western Ave. - Sioux Falls

Mignonne loves her job. She is there most of the time, including weekends. Mignonne was on SDRA's credit card processing program, left and came back. She values the legislative representation and the information she gets. But she especially likes her SDRA rep, Chris Fester. "She's awesome. She knows what she's talking about, she gets it done, and she's friendly. She's great!"  September 2012 Retail Prophet


JimEricaHustedJim and Erica Husted

Dakota Badland Outfitters at Palmer Gulch Stables

12620 Hwy 244 - Hill City

Jim and Erica offer guided scenic trail riding, and their opular chuckwagon dinner shows take customers in the National Forest in horsedrawn covered wagons. "Advocacy," says Jim, when asked what he most values about his SDRA membership. "You get someone behind you that gives you support that you wouldn't have as an individual business. The longer we're in business, the more we realize that's really important."  July 2012 Retail Prophet


GalenZemlickaGalen Zemlicka

Zem's Appliance, TV & Furniture

223 E. 4th Ave. - Milbank

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"When I first joined SDRA, it was because of some of the insurance features," says Galen. But now he finds legislative affairs are the most valuable aspect of his membership.  "We learn a lot from the Retailers. You know what bills are coming up ahead of time, and you can put your input in. They explain the reasons for the issues. And sometimes, the background on WHY they do something is just as important as WHAT they do." May, 2012 Retail Prophet


JoanEschenbaumJoan Eschenbaum

Cabinets & Interiors

8th Ave. South - Faulkton

"We joined SDRA many years ago because when the Legislature is in Session and there are bills that pertain to us, SDRA definitely has a posistion in there, and they'll fight for us. And I thought that was very important for all the businesses in South Dakota, because most of us are smaller businesses in small towns. And when we signed up for the workers comp insurance, we were able to save quite a bit. My rates went down something like $300 a quarter right away."  May 2013 Retail Prophet


DallasDietrichDallas Dietrich

Rattlesnake Jake's & Goodtyme Photo

804 Highway 16A - Keystone

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Dallas Dietrich makes it his business to make sure everyone leaves his business with a smile on their face.  He enjoys serving his customers and says it's just plain fun to be in business. A longtime SDRA member, he originally joined for credit card processing, but the health insurance through DSRA became crucial following an accident that left him with severe injuries, requiring multiple surgeries. "Because of that, I've been able to be active in the business and take an active role in the community."  October 2012 Retail Prophet


JasonQuamJason Quam

Dakota Alert

32556 E. Main Street - Elk Point

Jason is the second-generation owner of Dakota Alert in Elk Point. They manufacture wireless security systems which are distributed globally. "The main reason we joined was for the credit card processing. You were offering better rates than other processors," Jason noted.  Nearly twenty years later, he's still using the program. "As long as things are going smoothly and money is ending up where it's supposed to be and it's not costing an arm and a leg, we keep going with it." December 2012 Retail Prophet



 Marcia Bradley

FB Antiques

122 S. Main Street - Chamberlain

Marcia is a hampy camper. She loves antiques, loves her business, and loves customer service. Customers from all over the world find their way to her door. Marcia became an SDRA member shortly after opening her store, primarily for the credit card processing.  "I didn't want to go hunting around, and I had been told you guys had the best rate. I checked into it, and signed up," she says.  After many years as a member, she now finds even greater value in other aspects of her membership.  "The information, the networking, the visits from my rep, Dana Haley. She is wonderful, and she's a wealth of information." December 2012 Retail Prophet


MikeHiltunenMike Hiltunen

Custer County Market

444 Mt. Rushmore Road - Custer

Mike and his brother Rick purchased a grocery store in Howard from their dad, and ran it together for 18 years. Then Mike sold his half to Rick, and moved west to purchase Custer County Market. "We were members in Howard forever," Mike says, so when he moved to Custer, he naturally signed up as an SDRA member. Mike finds out newsletter to be a benefit. "It always has interesting articles. It gives you fresh ideas that can help you enhance your business in one way or another. I like the tax reports too, because I like to look across the state and see how cities are doing."  August 2012 Retail Prophet


SandyJustraSandy Justra

Midwest Radiator and Justra's Body Shop

Justra's Body Shop: 2806 Fox Run Parkway - Yankton

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Midwest Radiator: 1211 E. Highway 50 - Yankton

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Sandy joined SDRA for our credit card processing program. She says it was one of the most important things they ever did. Now that she's been a member for quite a few years, she says the monthly newsletter has become another valuable benefit.  "I really enjoy all the information. We got one recently that talked about the new labor law poster. I hadn't known anything about it, but it was in there. I always read everything that's in that newsletter ... You are covering what people need to know."  June, 2012 Retail Prophet