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Picture of Newsletter Bulletin Covers 2018Retail Prophet and Legislative Bulletin

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Want to know what's happening with legislative and regulatory issues for South Dakota businesses, what the retail trends are, what kinds of questions retailers have as they operate their businesses, and how things are going with sales in South Dakota? 

The Retail Prophet is where our members turn for that information.

The South Dakota Retailers Association has been publishing a newsletter since 1899! The Retail Prophet is the regular newsletter of the South Dakota Retailers Association, keeping our members up-to-date on legislative and regulatory issues. It contains answers to questions from retailers, reports on taxable sales in the state, and updates on retail trends.  We publish issues in April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November, and December/January. It is available in both hard copy and online.

From late January to early March, our members know they can count on us for weekly updates on what's happening at the State Legislature, and how it will impact their business. SDRA publishes a weekly Legislative Bulletin which explains the retail-related issues being discussed and acted on by the South Dakota Legislature. The Bulletin includes a section showing the status of retail-related bills - in 2017, we tracked 188 proposals.

Both publications are mailed to all SDRA members, to prospective members, state agencies, legislators and other policy makers, as well as to other associations. They are also posted on our website.


Legislative Lineup cover 2019Legislative Lineup

When South Dakota's Legislative Session gets underway in January, hundreds of people at the Capitol will be carrying around SDRA's newest Legislative Lineup.

The Lineup features:

  • photos, contact information and committee assignments for each state legislator
  • committee schedules
  • lists of which legislators serve on all standing committees
  • maps of the Capitol committee rooms
  • photos and contact information for constitutional officers, the Supreme Court and South Dakota's Congressional Delegation
  • other important facts about the legislative process

6,000 copies of the popular booklet are printed and distributed each year. It's used by legislators, state officials, lobbyists and visitors who come to the State Capitol to watch the legislative process. We've been publishing this handy booklet every year since 1983. 

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