Getting Down to Business

Link: Ability for HireThe South Dakota Retailers Association (SDRA) is committed to helping to improve employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Our organization has been selected to participate in a pilot project in 2016, aimed at increasing workplace inclusion of people with disabilities. Through this program, called "Getting Down to Business", we are partnering with the South Dakota Department of Human Services, the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation, and the U.S. Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) to provide information to employers.

  • Read more about SDRA being selected as a pilot site for the Department of Labor inclusion project.
  • Watch a video produced by SDRA in conjunction with the pilot project:

Handy Help for Employers

The South Dakota Department of Human Services/Division of Rehabilitation Services helps individuals with disabilities to obtain or maintain employment, economic self-sufficiency, personal independence and full inclusion into society. If you're an employer, the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) can help you expand your potential labor pool by finding, hiring, and retaining employees who have disabilities.

The agency can help you evolve your workforce with job site assessments and evaluations, on-the-job training, employment support services, assistive technology evaluations and equipment, and more.

For more information, follow these two links

The map below shows the regional DRS office that serves your community, as well as contact information for each regional office. Click here for a PDF version of the map.

South Dakota Division of Rehabilitation Services - Regional Offices

Map: Division Of Rehabilitation Services Regional Offices

Photo: Department of Labor LogoWork Opportunity Tax Credit

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a federal income tax credit that encourages employers to hire individuals in certian targeted groups which consistently experience high rate of unemployment due to a variety of employment barriers. The WOTC is a tool in a diverse toolbox of flexible strategies designed to help people move from welfare to work and gain on-the-job experience. It joins other education and job training initiatives and targeted tax credits that help workers prepare for good jobs; ease the transition from job to job; and create high performance workplaces.

For more information, including a brochure and contact information for your local WOTC coordinator in South Dakota, visit the South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation's Work Opportunity Tax Credit web page.

Disability Resources Site

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) has put together a helpful Disability Resources web page. Follow this link for information on:

  • creating an environment in the workplace to encourage disability disclosure
  • workplace accommodations
  • tax credits
  • the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • 30-second trainings
  • resources in South Dakota
  • and more

Additional Resources

Here are more places employers can find helpful information:


How to Get Started: First Steps When Hiring People with Disabilities. This webinar was held July 19, 2016, and featured presentations by Marcia Hultman, Secretary, South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation -and- Kimberly Hoberg, Business Specialist, South Dakota Division of Rehabilitation Services. Find out who to contact if you have questions, what a disability is, how to determine if you need to make any accommodations or adjustments for the employee, and more.

Watch the recording of the webinar, and view materials and information mentioned during the presentation:

Note: This webinar was transcribed. A transcript is available upon request by emailing SDRA.

Disability 101 - Disability Inclusion and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Essential Building Blocks. To view a recording of this webinar hosted by the South Dakota Retailers Association in 2015, click here.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) at, or check out these links:

Disability Etiquette

Businesses can help create an environment encouraging disclosure among employees. The benefits of this include open dialogue in order for a business to provide accommodations to allow a valuable employee to work to his or her potential. Learning about Disability Etiquette Best Practices is a great start to your awareness. Visit the National Disability Institute Disability Etiquette page at this link:

Toolkit for Employers

StepsToSuccessCoverThis publication has helpful ideas that have worked for other employers. You can find information on internships and mentoring, accommodations and productivity enhancements, disability inclusion training, accessibility, and more.

Click here: Small Business and Disability Employment: Steps to Success Toolkit.





Videos for Employers

The South Dakota Department of Labor and Regulation has videos that are helpful for employers who have employees with disabilities, or are considering hiring someone with a disability:

  • Disclosing a disability is a difficult decision for job seekers and employees, but it is a personal decision. The Disability Disclosure Video highlights South Dakotans and their decisions to disclose their disability to an employer or a post-secondary institution.
  • The ADA and the Workplace Video showcases employers in South Dakota and ways they have helped create a disclosure-friendly environment.