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ReasonstoVoteNotOn18Initiated Measure 18

In November of 2014, South Dakota voters will decide whether to mandate a 17% increase in the minimum wage, PLUS mandate automatic annual increases.

The South Dakota Retailers Association opposes #18. We are part of a grassroots coalition (representing small business and family farms) which is working to defeat this measure.

Ten Reasons to Vote No on #18

There are many reasons we believe this proposal should be defeated. Here are ten of them:

1. It would be the single LARGEST minimum wage hike in South Dakota's history.

2. Will trigger higher prices, lay offs, cuts in hours for workers, reduced employee benefits, and delays in making needed improvements.

3. Mandates raises tied to the National Consumer Price Index - every year - FOREVER, even if South Dakota's economy is suffering a downturn.

4. Automatic raises would be set by the economies in New York and California and other states, not by what's happening in South Dakota or the Midwest.

5. Young and unskilled workers could lose out on jobs, along with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience.

6. If the starting wage goes up 17%, experienced employees may not get raises they deserve.

7. Employers who can afford to are already paying more than the minimum wage to attract and keep employees in a competitive market.

8. South Dakota's minimum wage would be higher than 43 other states as of January 1, 2015.

9. Hits small towns hardest. When prices have to go up to cover increased operating costs, it drives customers elsewhere.

10. If this passes, what's next? Do we really want to set employer policies at the ballot box?


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